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Chef Driven, Farm Focused

At From The Field, we are dedicated to bringing fresh, locally grown ingredients straight from the farm to your plate. We specialize in catering weddings and other special events, and are committed to supporting local farms in the process. With our farm-to-table approach, you can be sure that every bite you take is bursting with the flavors of nature. At From The Field, we strive to connect you to the source of your food and celebrate the art of farm-to-table dining. So if you're looking for a catering company that prioritizes fresh, locally sourced ingredients and supporting the community, look no further! 


Our team would be delighted to help bring your culinary visions to life.

Our Team

We are proud to introduce you to our team of chefs

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Chris Viaud

Chef / Owner

Greenleaf, Pavilion, Ansanm & From The Field

Chef Chris, Executive Chef/Owner of Greenleaf, Ansanm & Pavilion, focuses primarily on seasonal locally grown products which inspire his menu creations. His most recent reflections in his cooking focuses a lot more into the exploration of his Haitian Heritage, including finding new ways to introduce and educate communities around the beauty of Haitian cuisine and culture.

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Keith Sarasin 

Chef / Owner

The Farmers Dinner, Aatma & From The Field

Chef Keith is the owner of Aatma and The Farmers Dinner. For over a decade, The Farmers Dinner has hosted upscale, farm-to-table dinners on local farms in New England. Since its inception in 2012, The Farmers Dinner has organized over 100 such events and served over 20,000 customers, raising more than $230,000 for local farms. He has also established a network of local farms across New England, allowing From The Field Catering to source the highest quality ingredients directly from the farm.

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BJ Biesler

Culinary Team Lead

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Bj Beisler is a Vermont native who developed a passion for the culinary arts at a young age. After attending culinary school in Montpelier, he gained valuable experience working at The Hanover Inn under some of the industry's top chefs and establishments.


Brent Hazelbaker

Event Coordinator / Chef

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Chef Brent Hazelbaker began his culinary career over 30 years ago. His current focus is to make the farm-to-table lifestyle both accessible and attainable and to continue to drive the agricultural partnership in our local community.


George Bezanson


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Chef George is the chef of Earth's Harvest Kitchen in Dover, NH when he is not creating magical dishes for From The Field. 


Robert Gonzalez

Pastry Chef

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Driven to create desserts that are as unique and visually stunning as they are delicious, Chef Robert Gonzalez’s confections are designed to capture the hearts and imagination of every guest. 


Emilee Viaud

Pastry Chef

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Chef Emilee found her passion for baking at a young age where she has fond memories of making cookies for her second grade class. Since then she has taken cooking and baking courses all through middle school and high school. She decided to further her education by attending Johnson & Wales University where she earned her bachelors in Pastry Arts. 


Nicole Mendes


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Nicole’s passion for food and cooking is deeply ingrained in her passion and love for farming and agriculture. She believes that as a chef, it is our role to connect guests to where food comes from and how it’s grown. This is something directly reflected in her cuisine as she believes each ingredient has a story to be told. 


Jackson McDonald


Jackson has grown up around farms. His father, Jimmy was a co founder of The Farmers Dinner and over the years, Jackson has taken a deep appreciation for working with local farms and food.

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